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The Nature of Language

What is language? Language is the tool we use to explain reality.

What is reality? Reality is what exists.

What exists? Things exist which can be explained by ideas and ideas exist which could explain things if they did exist e.g. Ideas on an internal combustion existed before the internal combustion engine could be made. We just hadn't discovered them. The original reasoned ideas that the word "civilization" describes had to be created before the word civilization could be used to describe them. Trade had to happen before "trade" could be described.

How does language explain reality? Language explains reality by using the ideas that explain reality. And ideas that explain reality are the ideas of reality. A word is an idea that explains an idea in reality. Socrates' explanation of language made 2500 years ago is still the best explanation of the nature of language and still the most simple and workable idea.

How Socrates explained language

He asked what is reality? Reality is ideas that work.

He knew reality was ideas that worked because he had observed countless numbers of times in his working life and his fellow slave working lives, ideas that worked. And he noticed in nature, what Darwin noticed 2300 years later. "The survival of the fittest idea in nature." Reality wasn't "a place of chaos and disorder." It was a place of "ideas that worked and order".

I know what Socrates explains because I have studied the natural sciences and must have been in most sots of laboratories imaginable. Chemistry labs. Zoology labs. Physics labs. Microbiology labs, to name a few and every time I go into any lab and any time I have talked to my colleges in these labs always we are there to "discover ideas that work". I have never been into a lab other than to discover ideas that work and neither have I found anyone in a lab who has said he is not there to discover ideas that work. No one goes into a lab for any other reason than to discover ideas that work. No artisan slave in the times of the Greeks slaved to discover ideas that didn't work other than for the very important purpose of eliminating them from their inquiries in order to prevent intellectual constipation.

Every day for hundreds of years slaves in ancient Greece had gone to slave to "discover ideas that worked". Socrates had noticed this and had also worked out that language had the very important job of explain these ideas that worked and he called them reasons.

The most explanatory word in language had been created. Today when scientist go into labs and someone asks them why are you here they, thanks to Socrates, have a word to explain Why they are here. Or the once upon a time they had a word to explain why they were there Socrates explained it much more simply. "The unknown is reason" Then he explained the purpose of language by explaining the purpose of the word reason. The purpose of reason was to explain the unknown. Again Socrates explained it much more simply.

"The unknown is reason and I am a reasoning mind"

"Reasons are ideas that work"
"The unknown is reason and I am a reasoning mind"

The Book

How Popper and Wittgenstein Failed to Understand the Nature of Language

by R. I. Ross

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